May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May 5, 2007

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer? With early detection, skin cancer is usually 100% curable.

Go to and click on dermatologist finder to locate a dermatologist in your area participating in free screening this month! That’s right, FREE.


Know The A, B, C, D & E’s of Skin Cancer

Learn how to check yourself for signs of skin cancer. It is the most important step in reducing your skin cancer risks and it is easy.

If you notice any of the signs below, schedule an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist.

Asymmetrical: Common moles are round and symmetrical. Most early melanomas are asymmetrical, which means a line through the middle doesn’t create matching halves.

Borders: Borders of early melanomas are most often uneven and may have indistinct or fuzzy edges. Common moles have smoother and more even edges or borders.

Colors: Common moles are normally a single shade of brown. Varied shades may indicate the first sign of melanoma.

Diameter: Early melanomas usually grow larger than common moles — generally to at least a ¼” in diameter.

Evolving: If you notice a mole evolving (changing), see your doctor. Be aware of any changes to existing moles be it in size, shape, color, elevation, bleeding, itching, crusting or any other trait.

While some people/skin types are more susceptible to skin cancer, NO ONE is safe. Always, always use SPF of 15 or more when outdoors.

I used to think tanning beds were “safe” but it is NOT true. They are just as harmful as tanning outdoors. While I love the feel of the sun on me and the look of a great glowing tan, there are fabulous tanner/bronzer products available to give you the look. And, I tried a spray on tan for a vacation about a year ago, and no one could tell it was sprayed on. Bonus: a good spray on technician can even spray in curves where you don’t have them and the appearance of muscles! (I didn’t go there!)

Be safe, be aware, have fun! Thanks for reading.


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