Times Are Tough But Pay Me Please

October 26, 2008

This is truly echoing through the conversations of many these days. It has been profoundly prevalent amongst many entrepreneurs with whom I have elected to partner.

While I understand and empathize that these are tough economical times, I strive to be open-minded about the situation. It is increasingly difficult to do so, when I provide services in good faith, invoice for those services, then not hear a word from a client for weeks. Albeit, it may be a bit embarrassing for them to tell me, “Hey Jan, I am a little broke right now, can we work something out?” this simple communication would clarify the predicament and I would be much more willing to work with them. However, when I have to “chase” after them to pay, for them to hide/ignore or state they will get money to me next week, if next week never arrives, it just damages my faith in them as a client.

As an independent business owner and single mother, I try to be flexible, but bear in mind, my bills are still due and unfortunately my mortgage company isn’t as flexible. It is increasingly troubling to find out some trusted clients won’t communicate.

It has been difficult to get those ends to meet each month, but I am remaining positive in bringing new clients aboard, I have taken on a few new clients/projects and started selling Avon products as an independent sales representative. This is my way of being financially creative and accomplish the one thing that is most important to me…working from home so that I can raise my handsome 7-month old son, Jack!

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