Keyboard Shortcuts

December 27, 2008

keyboardSo a while back, I provided some Mozilla shortcuts to help you maneuver more easily. During a recent Computer Tutor session (yes, I’m still a Virtual Assistant, but I love to teach/help/tutor), my student was thrilled to find out about using keyboard shortcuts that work in a Windows environment (and others!). Sometimes I forget that working in a world with computers is old to me, but new and foreign to others.  Plus, I believe in sharing what you know.

If you are ambidextrous like me, you may find it much more efficient to use both your mouse and keyboard shortcuts in unison.

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + a = select all

Ctrl + z = undo

Ctrl + x = cut

Ctrl + c = copy

Ctrl + v = paste

Ctrl + u = underline

Ctrl + i = italicize

Ctrl + b = bold

Alt + Tab = jump between open programs

Let me know if you’d like more examples (there are more than the ones I’ve listed above), how to use these shortcuts, or tell me about your favorite keyboard shortcut.

Best to you!


Gas Prices

December 9, 2008

Hello All!

Well, the snow has started to fly this afternoon and this evening in SW Colorado.  I needed to fill up my car this morning anyhow, but what a treat!   I LOVE to pay only $1.58 / gallon for unleaded!  Sure beats the price we were paying just a short time ago.  Almost makes it worth going out in the snow!

If you need a quick happy thought, think about what you are saving in gas prices now.

Safe driving!


Hello All!

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While I am a virtual assistant working from home, I find it easy, peaceful, and expeditious to shop online. I hope you can take a few minutes to shop from the warmth and comfort of your home and leave the chaos of traffic, crowds, and standing in line for someone with more time on their hands! :)

Thank you so much and happy online shopping!

Best to you,