Anti Virus

February 27, 2009

So, I scheduled an onsite “Computer Tutor” training session today for a client who claims to be not-so-savvy when it comes to the computer.  Very typical scenario, he’s newer to computers and finds them a bit intimidating.  Not a problem, that’s why I’m here.  (I offer virtual training and onsite training for those who want me to personally walk them through the steps and show them the how-to’s. )

He needed help accessing and surfing the World Wide Web, installing a program he bought, setting up a new email account, and walking him through some basic steps.

When I got there, the “normal” pop-up window (that “always comes up”) appeared stating they needed to update/upgrade their virus protection software.  This entailed purchasing a new, more expensive version.

This aggravates the hooey out of me because for the average user, there are terrific FREE versions of protection from reputable companies.   We downloaded a new FREE program, scanned his system, and removed the old program.  Voila!  It didn’t take long, he’s protected, and it was …. oh, that’s right, FREE!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Best to you,

Professional Virtual Assistant

Argh – this really chaps me.  Those sneaky official looking domain renewal letters sent out to people.  I’ve had several friends and clients who have received these and PAY!

I’m posting this blog because a new client called to say she received a letter to renew the domain.  I already coached her on who to pay and approximately when it would be due.  (She forgot and that’s why she called.)  She was going to pay this phony-bologna company but had the inkling that something didn’t seem quite right.  Precisely!

So here’s my plea – if you receive a domain renewal letter by mail, don’t pay it without checking it out first!  If you don’t know how, contact me, or your virtual assistant.  Unless, of course, you have about $100 that you are willing to give away.

Best to you,


“Administrative support only when you need it!”