Buying a Digital Camera

March 30, 2009

As a virtual assistant and somewhat of a techno-person, I am often asked for recommendations on different components and programs. With so many digital cameras to choose from it is important to determine your priorities before you buy.

Personally, when I chose my current digital camera, my priorities were:


higher megapixels

large LCD view screen

image stabilization

ISO setting

optical zoom capability


Before you make your decision, consider how you will be using the camera   and what your particular needs will be when using the camera. Take a little time to research your options, ask questions, shop around, and test several models to get a true feel for the camera before you buy.

Say cheese!


Well, that is something each business owner must ascertain for themselves.

Although I consider myself to be a positive thinker, the current economic shift has been tough on many businesses/employers and it may remain that way for a while.  Faced with having to make critical decisions regarding their workforce to keep the business solvent is not easy.   Replacing employees with a full-timer may not be the best option when times are still uncertain.

Luckily, the virtual world offers the relatively new solution of hiring a professional virtual assistant.  Choosing to partner with a virtual assistant might be the most cost-effective solution when you have to cut your traditional workforce.

Best to you,