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Now is a great time to brush up your skills or add a new one and here’s why you can’t pass this opportunity up . . . it is a great course and it is FREE!  For anyone who is interested, a colleague and fellow Colorado VA, Andrea Kalli,  online is offering a FREE online training course – Outlook 2007 What’s New (ol07wn30). Andrea is a terrific trainer and she makes learning effortless.  Sign up through her e-learning center, under the Free Training Material category at http://www.virtualassist.net/elearning.

She has additional courses/subjects available, so please visit her e-learning center to get more information and to sign up.

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On a fairly regular basis, aspiring virtual assistants (VAs) contact me stating they want to become a VA and don’t know where to start.  It truly can be overwhelming but here is my simple advice to get them rolling.

1) Determine who you will market to and how you will market to them.

2) Decide whether you will be a generalist or provide niche services?

3) Write your business plan including a marketing plan!  This key document will help guide you along the way and it should be reworked as your business progresses.

Starting your own business is not for everyone and you must be honest when you assess yourself and your skills.  Do your research as far as small business ownership is concerned and spend some time perusing all of the information available on the Small Business Administration website.

Good luck and best to you,