Computer Tutoring

July 19, 2009

One of the services I offer is tutoring people on the basics of using the internet, their computer, and multiple programs.  Initially, they seem a bit embarrassed about contacting me, but after a quick discussion, they realize I’m not going to belittle them for not being super savvy when it comes to their computer knowledge.  I am t/here to help!

Most often my tutored clients start off thinking they are going to do irreparable damage and have ceased using their computer.  First of all, it is really hard to “break” your computer by clicking on the wrong file or in the wrong space.  Secondly, there are numerous avenues available to complete a task.  i.e.: cut and paste in Word by selecting the item/words then  a) use the edit drop-down menu, or b) right click for a pop-up menu, or c) use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+x then Ctrl+v .

I encourage them to go about it the way that makes them the most comfortable and before long they wonder what they did before they used their computer for everything!  (Heck, I rarely use the telephone directory anymore – I go online to

Best to you,


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