I was surprised at how many students in a recent website development class wanted to find the easy way to being ranked #1 in the search engines.   Funny thing is they weren’t looking at the obvious.  What was true before still holds true today – content is king!  You need good content that is relevant to your business endeavors.

There are additional steps you can perform to increase your rankings i.e. add meta tags, alt tags on images, and of course submitting your url to the search engine directories.   Don’t forget to list your business on Google’s Local Business Center.

And, don’t just let your website sit out there!  Freshen your content on occasion or have something to draw visitors back to your website because they want to read your …. a) events calendar, b) latest blog post, c) witty commentary on local happenings, d) your review of the latest great book or article you’ve read.  Make them want to come to your website over the websites of your competitors.

Want more ideas or have some suggestions – send me your comments!  Need help, I can assist you virtually – even if it is just to send you reminders to complete some of the steps above!

Best to you,