January 2010 Goals

January 29, 2010

Alrighty, we are nearing the end of the first month in 2010.  This is your status check/reminder for your January Goals – have you accomplished your goals as set out?  I have done remarkably well!  A couple of tools I feel have been tremendously beneficial are my plannermy weekly wall dry-erase calendar, and having my 2010 Goals posted on the wall near my desk. 

– My planner acts as an operational structure to keep me on course.
– The Weekly Dry-Erase Calendar is great for keeping me focused on weekly tasks and I check each item off when complete.  Detailing the week’s worth of items on Sunday reiterates the path for the week.  Checking off  the items completed provides visual confirmation, the sense of accomplishment, and drive to continue. 
– With my 2010 Goals posted on the wall, I can easily review them when I am on a stretch break.  This quickly clears my mind and enables me to switch gears to the next project.

Let me know what steps you are taking to achieve your goals for January.

Best to you,
EVA – Electronic Virtual Assistant