Goals…Half Way There?

May 15, 2010

Good Day All!

We are closing in on the half way point for 2010!  Can you believe it?
– Are you achieving your goals?
– What challenges or obstacles are keeping you from reaching your goals?

Personally, I have had to alter a few aspects of what I initially considered to virtual assistant meets goalbe the “definition” of my goals.  Example: under my Career section, one goal addressed having a “full” client base – which USED to mean having enough business coming in to fill 8-10 hours each day/5 days a week.  However, to fit my current work/life balance, my full work day as a virtual assistant is closer to 4 hours due to other responsibilities.  According to my *old* definition, I wasn’t achieving my full work day, but alas, I AM!   Not only am I achieving this goal, I’m exceeding it with plenty of work and best of all, I’m working with some really great clients…even “ideal” clients.  I love it!  A big THANK YOU to my pleasant, professional, upbeat, busy clients …. ahhh … success abounds!

Best to you,

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