Say it isn’t so!  I have flown quite a bit and at 5’9″ and 140 pounds I am almost uncomfortable during a flight because my knees are about 1/4″ from the seat back in front of me which basically impedes my ability to make even the slightest airline looshift.  Now, airlines are going to add an extra row of seats by taking space from the lavatory?  Have you seen the size of an airline loo?  Ever tried changing a baby’s diaper in an airplane bathroom?  I have which was an almost impossible feat to squeeze me, my son and the diaper bag in that tiny space.  Luckily he’s 5 now so he will be able to fit in the newly re-sized lavs.  Even with shifting the walls around as indicated in the Wall Street Journal blog article (link below), they will still have to garner more space from the coach seating area.  What’s next? Charging for luggage? No wait, they already do :)

I’ve read that Samoa Airlines is considering charging passengers by the pound/weight!  That would work for me and my son’s tickets would definitely be cheaper or maybe not.  I realize the airlines need to make money but, seriously, how much tighter can the seats get?    I hate to rant about problems with no solutions  hence you won’t see many political posts from me, LOL.   Anyone have any ideas to solve the problem?  I know I have some airline folks who read my posts.

Happy traveling,