Advanced Access customers

August 12, 2009


One of my Realtor® clients forwarded an Advanced Access e-newsletter to me that announced Single Property websites are now available to Advanced Access customers!  There was no mention in the e-newsletter that you must be a 4.0 user of Advanced Access.  It isn’t available to 3.0 users – OOPS!

In the case of this particular client, it doesn’t matter because he already uses Single Property Sites (which is a terrific program!) to market his listings!

It is still a good day to be a virtual assistant! :)


Computer Tutoring

July 19, 2009

One of the services I offer is tutoring people on the basics of using the internet, their computer, and multiple programs.  Initially, they seem a bit embarrassed about contacting me, but after a quick discussion, they realize I’m not going to belittle them for not being super savvy when it comes to their computer knowledge.  I am t/here to help!

Most often my tutored clients start off thinking they are going to do irreparable damage and have ceased using their computer.  First of all, it is really hard to “break” your computer by clicking on the wrong file or in the wrong space.  Secondly, there are numerous avenues available to complete a task.  i.e.: cut and paste in Word by selecting the item/words then  a) use the edit drop-down menu, or b) right click for a pop-up menu, or c) use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+x then Ctrl+v .

I encourage them to go about it the way that makes them the most comfortable and before long they wonder what they did before they used their computer for everything!  (Heck, I rarely use the telephone directory anymore – I go online to

Best to you,


Reclaim Your Desk

June 26, 2009

Lately things have been getting a bit chaotic and my desk was bearing the brunt of  being “put off”.   The stacks started off small – I call it “organized confusion” – I knew where everything was located but it was becoming more challenging as the weeks passed.

.:.Even in this economy, my virtual business is still chugging along and picking up a new project now and again!

.:.My son is now 15 months old and very active.

.:.Summer is beckoning with fabulous sunny days and the opportunity/neccessity to tend to landscaping duties.

I don’t know about you, but if I am disorganized in one area of life, it can really stress me out!  It was imperative to reclaim my desk space for me and my clients.

My wonderful sister took my son to her house one day and I jumped into my project to clear the clutter, organize all of the bits and pieces and regain control.  It is amazing how efficiently things run now – everything is in its place.   I love to work at my desk again and look forward to it – isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

Best to you,


60 Second Recording

May 1, 2009

Good Evening!

I recently decided to capture my son’s latest accomplishments in building his vocabulary (at 13 months!) by using the Sound Recorder on my computer.

Within the Windows operating system, you can locate the Sound Recorder by going to Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, and Sound Recorder.   Most microphones are standard issue when you purchase a computer these days so get your microphone set and click the record button.   It isn’t the best quality but I was happy to send out my recording and received oohs and ahhs from family and friends when they heard my little man’s voice!

I hope you have a minute or two to play with this nifty component!

Best to you,