I guess one of the best aspects of owning my own virtual assistance business is the fact that I get to choose the clients I partner with and, luckily, have made some really, really good choices! : )I love my virtual assistant clients

I work with individuals in varied industries (from science to those in real estate) and I get to work on exceptional and uncommon projects.  Yay!

Loving my diverse day today…thanks to my clients!

Hope yours is a good day, too!



Resume Writing Tips

August 30, 2011

Good Day All,

As a general services virtual assistant, I help clients with a diverse range of services.  Over the past few months,  I have been inundated with requests to assist clients/potential clients with writing their resume.  Seriously, crazy numbers of people have been contacting me.  Yay!  In the current marketplace and sheer volume of candidates seeking the best positions, your resume must be high-impact to get you in the door for that all important interview.resume writing tip

While some resumes have some basic big mistakes, in my opinion, there are several things I keep having to address and wanted to put a couple of tips out here.

1) Create your resume specifically for the position you are seeking.  This means you will need to recreate your resume each time you apply for a position – yes, a little time consuming but very important!

2) Keep it 1-2 pages.  A resume isn’t the vehicle to get you the job, it is the tool to get you into the interview where you get to shine and embellish!

3) Be brief but concise with relevant information, successes, and use action words.  Focus on the actions that led to great results not your responsibilities.  You want this potential employer to relate to how you will be a benefit to their organization.

4)  Don’t send a resume printed on an ink jet printer – you know why.

5) Always include a stunning cover letter.

Good luck!

As a virtual assistant offering Social Media assistance with everything from set up to ongoing posting/maintenance, I am a proponent of using social media to market and propel your business upward.

While there are a vast number of mistakes (some obvious, others not so much!) that I’ve discussed with clients and via blogs and my social media networks, one I’d like to write about today is the importance of evaluating your results.

social media logosYou need to have ways to measure your social media marketing results, otherwise you won’t know if your efforts are worthwhile.  You may be excited to see your friends and followers increasing each month but how many are paying attention to your messages?  Are they looking into and buying your products or services?  Decide on the best metrics that make sense for you and your business (i.e.: click-throughs to your website;  sales resulting from social media site referrals; exclusive social media network coupons being redeemed, etc.).  Analyze and document these results.  It will be extremely helpful to know what’s working and what needs to be improved in order to get the results you desire.

Tip: Set some goals for yourself and be dedicated to achieving them.

Need help – contact me!
Best to you,

I have been known to discuss why we shouldn’t be too open with personal information on Social Media Networks (SMNs), especially when teens are involved.

As a virtual assistant, I’ve been in the thick of SMNs for several years now and help my clients set up their networks.  It is an exciting way to share information with the masses and an exceptional tool for business owners to market their business.  Friends and family members are connecting here, too, more readily than via email these days.  However, when utilizing this for personal engagement, especially those with teenagers need to be fully aware of what information is being posted for public consumption.

Reinforcing this thought is this Yahoo news link I found this morning.  Thieves have found a way to guess pertinent information via information posted on SMNs like your Social Security Number 8.5% of the time for people born since 1989.

My advice, remove or hide key information on your SMNs.  Need help?  Contact me and I’ll help you protect your information.

Best to you,

Work From Home

January 3, 2011

Watch this video with Tory Johnson about working from home that my long-time friend, Imo, shared with me.  This contains really great information and thought provoking dialouge for those considering starting a work from home adventure.work from home video Tory Johnson

Go for it!  If nothing else, lay out some goals for this brand new year to get yourself on the path to where you REALLY want to be!

Best to you!


Searching for End of the Year deals on electronic equipment?

Here are a few of my favorite picks for best deals.  online shopping cart

  • TigerDirect.com
  • newegg.com
  • amazon.com

For example, I have been considering buying a second monitor to make my life easier when assisting my virtual clients.  TigerDirect has a dozen or so, up to 20″, all under $100!

Happy Bargain Hunting and Happy New Year!

Windows 7 Release Candidate!

February 12, 2010

I received the following information via my monthly newsletter from Microsoft.   Personally, I am not running Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) but thought I’d post the alert to help spread the word to those who are using this OS.

If you are running Windows 7 RC, beginning March 1, 2010, your computer will shut down every 2 hours and your work will not be saved! In order to avoid any interruptions, you will need to back up your data and perform a clean install of Windows 7 (or earlier version).  For more information, visit Microsoft’s website.

Happy Computing!

Goals 2010

December 30, 2009

Some people are “Goals People” and some are not.  I am.  If you are or want to be, here is your final reminder to make your list of Goals for 2010 RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already done so.

Here are a few reasons why it is important…EVA vision goals 2010

– you achieve more when focused on your goals
– accountability to stay on course
– a quick glance at the list as a great reminder (and we all try to keep too much in our heads these days  =)

To help you implement your list, fill in these blanks for each goal:
– number or categorize each goal
– state why it is important
– list the steps required to achieve the goal
– set a target date to reach the goal

It is also important to review your goals on a daily basis (preferably several times a day- think breakfast, lunch and dinner times).

If you need help planning, detailing, implementing, or reaching your goals, consider working with a virtual assistant, like me!  I have been setting and achieving my own goals for years and have helped others with their goals and have taken courses on the subject.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2010!

Best to you,


Facebook – Adding Pictures

November 18, 2009

A couple of people have recently contacted me because they couldn’t remember (or figure out) how to add pictures/build an album on their Facebook account.

Here’s the simple version:

1) Choose the pictures you want to upload into Facebook and save them to your computer Desktop (or an equally prominent location on your computer).

2) Log into your Facebook account and from your Profile page, select the Photos tab.

3) On the far right side on the page there is a Create an Photo Album button, click it.

4) Fill in the album name, description and privacy setting information.  Click the Create Album button at the bottom of the section.

5) Select the photos for this album per Step 1 above – you can select one photo at a time or a whole bunch!  Click Upload Photos.

That’s it!Facebook album add pictures to album

You can further modify and organize the pictures in the album if you so desire.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best to you,

Print Screen

October 17, 2009

Print Screen

Print Screen

I know you have seen the Print Screen button inthe upper right corner of your keyboard but have you ever used it?  I use it ALL the time.  When I work with clients on how to use their computer – Basics 101 – in my computer tutor training, I use the Print Screen to build a handout to leave with the client.

Print Screen is used with the Shift button to capture a snapshot of your computer screen or with the Alt button to capture a snapshot of your active window.  Take this snapshot and paste it into Word or another program.  Easy as pie!

EVA blog print screen

EVA blog print screen

Contact me if you have any questions – hope this helps!