Find It Faster

May 30, 2012

Sometimes I forget the things I know :)  I go through my day using techniques and short cuts that are automatic/inherent.  The example that inspired this post was while online with a client, we were doing a little research together.  Of course, we received a staggering amount of seemingly pertinent information within seconds from our Google search.  When she chose a document from the search, we had to wait while the huge pdf file loaded only to find that it was a 459 page document.  I laughed when we saw the size of the document and sounding a bit overwhelmed she said, “It is going to take forever to find” her sought after key phrase.  Not!

When I took a few seconds to walk her through the process of  how to “find” her key phrase (using Ctrl+F) and she found the exact information she sought in a millisecond, she was amazed!  I love it when I can dazzle a client and empower them with tools to make their life easier.

Best to you,

Labeling Power Cords

August 30, 2010

Recently, I spent time with someone who had to unplug a couple of computer components and had to chase down each cord by hand.  He was a little frustrated by this exercise.  I imparted a little tip that I’ve used for years on power cords for my computer and television components.  Make little labels for each power cord.  They don’t have to be fancy labels, heck,  a little 2″ x 1/4″ slice of paper and some clear tape will do.  Just write VCR, TV, cable box or monitor, speakers, USB hub on the strip of paper, fold it in half (makes it about 1″ x 1/4″), wrap it around the end of the cord near the outlet plug and secure with tape – voila! you’ve just labeled your cord!

I couldn’t get a good pic of my computer cords, but here’s the one’s behind my tv, DVD, VCR.  cord labels for electronics

If you don’t quite get it from my description, email me and I’ll break it down for you! ;-)

Best to you!

Keyboard Shortcuts

December 27, 2008

keyboardSo a while back, I provided some Mozilla shortcuts to help you maneuver more easily. During a recent Computer Tutor session (yes, I’m still a Virtual Assistant, but I love to teach/help/tutor), my student was thrilled to find out about using keyboard shortcuts that work in a Windows environment (and others!). Sometimes I forget that working in a world with computers is old to me, but new and foreign to others.  Plus, I believe in sharing what you know.

If you are ambidextrous like me, you may find it much more efficient to use both your mouse and keyboard shortcuts in unison.

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + a = select all

Ctrl + z = undo

Ctrl + x = cut

Ctrl + c = copy

Ctrl + v = paste

Ctrl + u = underline

Ctrl + i = italicize

Ctrl + b = bold

Alt + Tab = jump between open programs

Let me know if you’d like more examples (there are more than the ones I’ve listed above), how to use these shortcuts, or tell me about your favorite keyboard shortcut.

Best to you!