Facebook – Adding Pictures

November 18, 2009

A couple of people have recently contacted me because they couldn’t remember (or figure out) how to add pictures/build an album on their Facebook account.

Here’s the simple version:

1) Choose the pictures you want to upload into Facebook and save them to your computer Desktop (or an equally prominent location on your computer).

2) Log into your Facebook account and from your Profile page, select the Photos tab.

3) On the far right side on the page there is a Create an Photo Album button, click it.

4) Fill in the album name, description and privacy setting information.  Click the Create Album button at the bottom of the section.

5) Select the photos for this album per Step 1 above – you can select one photo at a time or a whole bunch!  Click Upload Photos.

That’s it!Facebook album add pictures to album

You can further modify and organize the pictures in the album if you so desire.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best to you,

Computer Tutoring

July 19, 2009

One of the services I offer is tutoring people on the basics of using the internet, their computer, and multiple programs.  Initially, they seem a bit embarrassed about contacting me, but after a quick discussion, they realize I’m not going to belittle them for not being super savvy when it comes to their computer knowledge.  I am t/here to help!

Most often my tutored clients start off thinking they are going to do irreparable damage and have ceased using their computer.  First of all, it is really hard to “break” your computer by clicking on the wrong file or in the wrong space.  Secondly, there are numerous avenues available to complete a task.  i.e.: cut and paste in Word by selecting the item/words then  a) use the edit drop-down menu, or b) right click for a pop-up menu, or c) use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+x then Ctrl+v .

I encourage them to go about it the way that makes them the most comfortable and before long they wonder what they did before they used their computer for everything!  (Heck, I rarely use the telephone directory anymore – I go online to anywho.com).

Best to you,


On a fairly regular basis, aspiring virtual assistants (VAs) contact me stating they want to become a VA and don’t know where to start.  It truly can be overwhelming but here is my simple advice to get them rolling.

1) Determine who you will market to and how you will market to them.

2) Decide whether you will be a generalist or provide niche services?

3) Write your business plan including a marketing plan!  This key document will help guide you along the way and it should be reworked as your business progresses.

Starting your own business is not for everyone and you must be honest when you assess yourself and your skills.  Do your research as far as small business ownership is concerned and spend some time perusing all of the information available on the Small Business Administration website.

Good luck and best to you,


Anti Virus

February 27, 2009

So, I scheduled an onsite “Computer Tutor” training session today for a client who claims to be not-so-savvy when it comes to the computer.  Very typical scenario, he’s newer to computers and finds them a bit intimidating.  Not a problem, that’s why I’m here.  (I offer virtual training and onsite training for those who want me to personally walk them through the steps and show them the how-to’s. )

He needed help accessing and surfing the World Wide Web, installing a program he bought, setting up a new email account, and walking him through some basic steps.

When I got there, the “normal” pop-up window (that “always comes up”) appeared stating they needed to update/upgrade their virus protection software.  This entailed purchasing a new, more expensive version.

This aggravates the hooey out of me because for the average user, there are terrific FREE versions of protection from reputable companies.   We downloaded a new FREE program, scanned his system, and removed the old program.  Voila!  It didn’t take long, he’s protected, and it was …. oh, that’s right, FREE!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Best to you,

Professional Virtual Assistant

Keyboard Shortcuts

December 27, 2008

keyboardSo a while back, I provided some Mozilla shortcuts to help you maneuver more easily. During a recent Computer Tutor session (yes, I’m still a Virtual Assistant, but I love to teach/help/tutor), my student was thrilled to find out about using keyboard shortcuts that work in a Windows environment (and others!). Sometimes I forget that working in a world with computers is old to me, but new and foreign to others.  Plus, I believe in sharing what you know.

If you are ambidextrous like me, you may find it much more efficient to use both your mouse and keyboard shortcuts in unison.

Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + a = select all

Ctrl + z = undo

Ctrl + x = cut

Ctrl + c = copy

Ctrl + v = paste

Ctrl + u = underline

Ctrl + i = italicize

Ctrl + b = bold

Alt + Tab = jump between open programs

Let me know if you’d like more examples (there are more than the ones I’ve listed above), how to use these shortcuts, or tell me about your favorite keyboard shortcut.

Best to you!