In my opinion, when it comes to email, there are few things more frustrating than receiving those “must forward” messages.

Let me assure you, if you receive an email and DO NOT forward it…

  • bad luck will not fall upon you
  • your long lost love will not mysteriously call
  • your computer will not spontaneously combust

And, no matter how compelling it sounds…

  • Bill Gates and Microsoft will never send you any amount of money for forwarding an email
  • neither Ford nor GMC will give you a 10 percent discount if you forward an email to 10 people within 10 minutes
  • there is no pending Congressional bill to charge you five cents or pay you per email you forward so don’t do it

Do not let others guilt you into forwarding email by calling your true friendship or your belief in Jesus Christ into question.

Stop the madness. Be a responsible internet email user. If you would like to verify the legitimacy of information received, there are several hoax-buster sites – my favorite is If an email has been forwarded to you with the disclaimer, “I don’t know if this is true or not…” provide the Sender with the Snopes web link.

Let me wrap up by saying it is very important to keep up to date virus protection on your computer. If you do not recognize a Sender by name, do not open the email or click on links within email you receive. Not everyone plays nice and there are people on the world-wide web with nothing better to do then to create havoc. For the most part, if you practice smart internet exploration, you will be fine.

Happy Surfing!