Being a Geek

January 14, 2007

I know some people think “geek” is a bad word. I happen to embrace it. To me, being a geek has its privileges. One of the best things about being a geek is I find out about new technology fast. Several groups I am affiliated with are full of kind, generous, sharing geeks who spread the word about new software releases, fabulous websites and other resources, the latest gadgets – and often times include a review.

I love being a geek. My fiancé cringes when the new WiredÒ or EntrepreneurÒ magazine shows up in the mail. He knows he won’t see me (and I won’t listen to him : ) when I get my hands on it. I love being among the first in the regular world to find out about the iPhone (yes, everyone knows about that one now!), or about the new flexible displays in development those are crazy-cool! There is so much going on out there and it never ceased to amaze and captivate me.

Another recent geek moment was when I read the latest issue of TimeÒ which had “New Emoticons for 2007” which I thoroughly enjoyed (thank you Teddy Wayne and Mike Sacks) while the fiancé tilted his head and wondered about my mental state!

Oh well, what can I say?

Happy learning!

Jan :)) = cheesy smile