Finishing up this quick series of posts, here is part 3 of 3 to get you moving in the right direction for 2008! Again, this is geared toward my clients in real estate.

Ideas for your Blog / Newsletter:

– Buying real estate in your town
– How the closing process works (local / state laws)
– Anything newsworthy in your area (fires, road construction, crime reports, job markets, etc.)
– Remodeling ideas to instantly increase the value of your home
– Average energy prices for your subdivision / farm area / local market
– What life is like in local area
– Dos and don’ts of buying investment properties
– Should you rent out a property or flip it?

Looking for ideas to promote your business type in blogs or newsletters? Feel free to contact me and we can work on suggestion that fit for you!

Best of luck and wishing you a prosperous 2008!
EVA – Electronic Virtual Assistant
“Administrative support only when you need it!”

Continuing on from my last post, here is part 2 of 3 to get you moving in the right direction for the coming year — and it’s never too early to begin! Although geared toward my clients in real estate, determine what you can do to exceed the expectations of your client(s). If you need assistance, contact me – we can brainstorm to build a plan for you / your business.

Can you believe it? 2008 is just around the corner.

Go that extra step with your buyers by providing:

~ utility company contact information

~ local maps noting: city offices, parks, post offices, libraries, hospitals, golf courses, hiking trails, gyms

~ school information (local school report cards and ratings)

~ motor vehicle department contact information

~ 20 great things to do in the area

~ area history and places of interest

When you go the extra step and provide your clients with unexpected, valuable information, you let them know you are looking out for their best interests. Building that kind of relationship will prove to be priceless.

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Can you believe it? 2008 is just around the corner. Here are a few suggestions to think about and, hopefully, inspire you!

When is the last time you…

~ updated your website? Fresh content is a fabulous thing and keeps viewers coming back to find out what’s new!

~ reviewed / revised your marketing database? Is it categorized?

~ infused your marketing plan with fresh ideas? For a different angle, look at it from the inside out.

~ posted to your blog? As a VA, I assist my clients by reminding them it is time for a new posting to their blog(s).

Hope you are inspired to take a look at your planning efforts for 2008. If you’d like more ideas or assistance, feel free to contact me.

Best to you,