January 4, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions or Not

Okay, I used to make my annual New Year’s Resolutions, but that has gone by the wayside over the past few years. However, this year I decided to take another look at it only I will call them “Goals I Have in Mind”. It just seems a little less doomed to the harsh critique of other’s, if by chance the goals are not fulfilled.

These “goals” are mainly business oriented. Being a business owner, there are always ways to tweak your business, over and above the initial business plan. I have some practical views on accomplishing my business goals this year. For example, one goal is to learn a new skill. I believe in keeping abreast of new technology and sometimes it moves incredibly fast. In my opinion, taking an educational bite now and then is purely beneficial to me and my clients.

Another goal is to expand my network. We hear it time and again, but what do we really do to actively build our network? Most of my clients have come to me by word-of-mouth – happy clients telling someone how I’ve helped make their life easier by providing my services. It doesn’t get better (or easier) than that. In order to actively expand my network, I have already signed up for a booth at a local business expo at the end of January. Even if this doesn’t glean any new clients, I’ll be out there in the public eye and educating people about the world of virtual assistance. You never know where or how you will get your next client.

Well, that is basically my take on the resolutions, er uh, goals. Set some goals for yourself (business and personal). Work at them a little at a time and see what you can accomplish. Keep the goals attainable and when completed it will feel great – I promise.

Until next time,