Never Stop Learning

March 12, 2008

I have a motto to never stop learning. In the virtual business world, we are continuously in the forefront of new technology, products, and services. I love the fact that online training is available sometimes at low to no cost. Luckily, I am affiliated with some great groups of like-minded business professionals who strive to gain knowledge.

I am curious to learn what types of training, products, and services you have recently found and your feedback on such. Whether you are a virtual assistant or not, would you be willing to share this information with me and the world? Have you recently taken a fabulous course, found a collaboration tool, or a new product that works and cannot imagine what you did before you had this tool in your repertoire?

Looking forward to your comments and feedback!

Best to you!
EVA – Electronic Virtual Assistant

Email Subject Line

March 3, 2008

Use a subject on every email you send. By using a subject line that pertains to the email content, recipients will be better able to determine which emails to read first.

This is important: when you change the email content or add a topic, adjust the subject line to reflect the new changes. For example, if your original email contained information regarding a new real estate listing and you responded but added a question about the time line on updating a calendar, modify the subject line thusly – Original subject line “New listing 123 Main”; Adjusted subject line “New listing – calendar update ?”. At a glance, the recipient can ascertain new information is included.

As a virtual professional assistant, the preferred method of communication by most of my clients is email. Utilizing the change subject line technique takes only moments to complete while making certain all parties are alerted to any changes.

Best to you,